Tuesday, November 08, 2005


I am tired.

Not just lack-of-sleep tired. Not just working-too-many-hours tired. I am completely, thoroughly, and unequivocally exhausted.

The long, ardurous days at work, testing our product for its first release to the public, combined with a very busy social and sports calendar of late, have finally caught up to me.

I could barely keep up with this evening's karate class, wavering at times while executing my katas. I respectfully declined an invitation from some of my coworkers for dinner. It was all I could do to lug myself and the bag of cat food up the stairs to my third floor apartment.

I think this is what is referred to as "hitting the wall"; when one stretches oneself to the absolute limit of one's physical and mental capabilities. Long, stressful, busy hours at work, and several consecutive days of social and sports activities, can easily bring that about. It has for me.

I am so not going to the gym tomorrow morning.


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