Thursday, April 12, 2007

Interesting Conversation

~phone rings~

Me: "Hello ?"

Him: "Hi Andrea. This is Steve, your hairstylist."

Oh, right. The hairstylist that moved out of state, and came back for a long weekend every five weeks to serve his clients. The same hairstylist who, when I called to change my appointment several months ago, promised he'd called me back, and didn't. One disastrous dye job from a clueless woman later, and I finally found someone who could fix my hair and get it back to the way it was supposed to look.

And now, several months after our last conversation, the original one who blew me off without so much as a voicemail or apology, was calling me back.

Him: "I will be in town this weekend, and I have some openings. Was wondering if you'd like to make an appointment."

Oh really ? Some of his more important clients have faded away, so now he wants to fill the time with me ? I guess my hair wasn't all that important until now. It took all the restraint in the world not to tell him off right then and there.

Me: "Actually, I found someone else. Thanks anyway."


I have no time for service providers who have no time to show me even the basic courtesy of returning my calls.

Sorry Steve, we're done.


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