Wednesday, September 26, 2007

New Member of our Family

Since he was a kid, Daniel has always wanted a snake. He'd had one many years ago, and when we moved to our new house, his only wish (aside from his own room) was to have another snake. Last month, Danny took him to the pet store to pick one out.

"Snapper" is a Ball Python, a snake with origins in Western and West-Central Africa. He is about four months old, still relatively small, but with a perky personality and a friendly demeanor. He loves being held, wrapping himself around wrists or heads, and just hanging out with the crowd. At times, he tries to take the wire mesh cover off his aquarium, but has not yet been successful.

I make no secret of the fact that I'm not a fan of snakes. When he first said he wanted one, my initial reaction was "Ewww, gross !" I like soft furry animals, not scaly, slimy ones. And he wants a snake ? In my house ? No freakin way !!!

However, I relented, because this is what makes Daniel happy. So long as I don't have to touch the snake, I'm fine. That sliding wire mesh lid on his cage had better work. If that thing starts slithering over my face at night, there will be hell to pay. ~shudder~

I also do not wish to be present during, or know the details of, the feeding of this reptile. As I once had rats, gerbils and hamsters as pets, I'd prefer simply not to know. Danny and Daniel are very respectful of my wishes, and thankfully spare me the gory details.

Here are some pictures.


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