Wednesday, December 03, 2003

New member of our family.

I am happy to announce a new addition to our family. Peaches is a three-year-old Calico cat that we picked up from the cat rescue organization that was holding an adoption blitz in Petsmart on Saturday.

Peaches used to be owned by a senior citizen, but her owner had to be put into a nursing home. She is very affectionate, and loves to play with her toys. She knows her name. She is a little skittish of noises and sudden movements, but I think that will improve over time.

She is a VERY unique cat. Not only is she calico, she has grey and orange spots instead of the traditional black and brown. She has four white paws, and half her chin is grey and half is orange. Her tail is only a few inches long. It's unbelievably cute !

When I first saw her, I was immediately struck by her eyes. She has the most beautiful glowing yellow/green eyes I have ever seen. When I started petting her, it was love at first sight. She even gave me kisses when I closed the door on her cage. Of course, I went back and petted her a couple more times before I tore myself out of the store. We took her home this evening. We have found that she is very playful and active, and absolutely insists that those who pet her do so with BOTH hands.

Attached are some digital pictures.

[NOTE: The original photos I sent with this were poor quality. These are some better quality shots. :)]


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