Monday, June 30, 2003

ERT training is a lifestyle...

This weekend was another example of how the wonderful lessons of the ERT has become a way of life.

Scott and I were driving back from Reno, and stopped at a McDonald's just outside of Auburn. I saw a lady lying on the floor, being comforted by a bystander. While eating at the restaurant, she had warned a young child to be careful of the water on the floor, and had slipped and fell herself. She was lying on the ground, and wanted to get up.

She was able to tell me her name and date, and what had happened. BUT, she didn't know where she was. Remember the four questions for Level of Consciousness ? She was altered. Alert and Oriented times 3 only. Not a good sign. She couldn't remember if she'd hit her head or not. Another bad sign. No WAY was I going to let her get up in that state.

Since AMR had already been called several minutes ago, and nobody had anything I could write on, I held c-spine until they got there. I was only at the scene for less than 2 minutes before they took over. I counted one AMR truck and at least 6 firefighters that all arrived at the same time. AMR discovered that she had some tenderness at the back of her neck. They were putting her on a backboard when we left.

There were so many people in that restaurant just eating their dinner like nothing was happening. Only one person was helping out the patient before AMR and I arrived. Even the counter staff was just standing around and staring, and had to be asked if they could take customers' orders. But thanks to the ERT, I didn't even think twice about helping out this person in need, even though my bladder was ready to burst.

ERT has truly become a way of life. It's not just a volunteer position, it's not just something to do at work. It's a lifestyle. There's nothing more powerful than being able to help someone in need, even in the most minute and seemingly insignificant way possible. The great training and real-life lessons of the ERT has made all that possible.


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