Sunday, June 19, 2005

Where is My Head ?

When I was younger, I had the undesirable habit of losing things. I'd put something down, forget where I left it, then spend the next several minutes retracing my steps. There were times when I had to return to the house more than once to retrieve items that I needed. The worst was when I'd forget my lunch on the kitchen counter. Luckily, my mother sometimes noticed, and kindly and generously brought it to me. I still thank her to this day for sparing me from inevitable starvation.

This characteristic has unfortunately persisted to my adult life. Although I am normally organized and efficient, when the stress and distractions start to pile up, the forgetfulness resurfaces.

This week alone, I have misplaced:

- My pager (found it under my karate bag the next day);
- My driver's licence (found it in the laundry after it had been stashed in my pants pocket);
- My sunglasses (still MIA).

I had to return to the house twice on Wednesday morning - first for my gym bag, then for my softball clothes. This is not normal. Really !

My father, cursed with the same affliction, used to say that I'd lose my head if it wasn't screwed onto my shoulders. After this week, I must grudgingly admit that he was right. :)

Today is the day I will take a deep breath, rid myself of the worries for the tough week ahead, reset myself and chill. I think the outdoor patio at Starbucks, along with a nice, strong cup of coffee, is calling me.


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