Thursday, November 24, 2005


One of the most anticipated milestones of any product launch is FCS - the First Customer Ship. For the product I work on, this is the only acronym that matters right now. The entire team has been putting in an extraordinary effort to tweak and test our product in every possible way, to make it fit for public consumption.

FCS. It has taken over our lives. It flavors our food, circulates through our bodies, invades our dreams. We live it, breathe it, love it. It is all that matters.

As per my policy, I did not bring my laptop on my vacation. I thought I was free from the grasp of FCS. I thought I was safe. Until I saw the license plate of the PT Cruiser rental car that was given to me at the airport.

I am a slave to the First Customer Ship ! Now, on my vacation, 2,600 miles from my cubicle, it taunts me. It calls to me, pulling me into its grasp, refusing to relent though I fight it with all my strength. It has claimed my very existence.

I cannot log into work, and I cannot test, until I arrive at home tonight.

And when I do, I will resist it, for a while. But I know I am powerless to the tenacious hold of the god we call FCS.


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