Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Dork of the Year Award..

..goes to me.

Yesterday, the Emergency Response Team was dispatched for a fire alarm and evacuation at a building near mine. Knowing the high amount of vehicle traffic around that building, and the likely ample population inside, I hustled over there as fast as I could.

The scene was initially chaos. 200+ people milling around the parking lot. People driving their cars around, and through, the crowds of evacuees. Alarms blasting from the building. I quickly parked in the first spot I could find, donned my orange vest, and started to do traffic control.

It was a real incident. A transformer had overheated on the second floor. The Fire Department and our Facilities group did a very thorough check of the electrical system before declaring the building safe for reoccupation.

Phew. That was a rush.

Heading back to my car, I noticed I didn't have my car keys. Where were they ? Did I leave them in the car ? Did I drop them on the ground ? My worry increased as I approached my vehicle. What did I do to my keys ?

As soon as I returned to my car, I found them.

Still in the ignition.

Engine running.


I guess I'm lucky that my car, and my purse that was inside, were still there when I returned.

Another member of the team reported to me that he had seen my car, and he knew it was running. He was just about to go and turn it off, when he noticed two oblivious employees walk directly in front of the fire engine, with its lights flashing and siren blaring, to get to the neighboring building.

He quickly ran off to save those two from their own cluelessness.

Maybe they deserve the Dork of the Year Award more than I do. Or maybe not.


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