Thursday, July 13, 2006

My Craptastic Morning

Today started out like any other typical day. I woke up to the sound of pumping dance music from my little clock radio, petted and fed the cats, ate my breakfast, and headed off to work. I filled the car with gas, and then stopped at the Starbucks for a well-deserved black coffee with two Splenda.

Returning out to my car, I placed my coffee in the cup holder and turned the key.



The damned thing wouldn't start.

My 2003 Cavalier, affectionately named Roo, has been with me through thick and thin. She took me through a gruelling 4 1/2 years of a 120-mile-a-day commute, happily supplying a smooth ride, punchy power, and a booming sound system complete with Sirius satellite radio. And today, for the first time, she died.

Roo has over 104,000 miles on her, all but 13,000 that I have put on her since acquiring her two years ago. She's seen me through my previous hellacious commute, plus multiple trips to Tahoe, Reno, L.A. and Redding, and never once complained or broke down. Of course I must give credit to my ex-husband for instilling in me the value of regular maintenance and synthetic oil. I'm sure that this was a great contribution to the car's reliability.

But this morning, the long streak of problem-free days came to an end. Helpless, I called a tow truck, one of the companies that was approved my my insurance company. A surpringly jovial driver arrived, hooked Roo up, and took her to my dealership a few miles away.

The fuel pump, which is located inside the fuel tank, needed replacement, along with the fuel filter. I'm very glad they saved the full tank of fuel that I'd just put in 10 minutes before this debacle started.

Total cost for the work ?



Well, at least I got to finish my Starbucks.


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