Monday, September 18, 2006

The Spanish Catwalks

Catwalks in the country of Spain are about to become a little more healthy, according to this article on CNN.

Before the fashion show, models are measured on their Body Mass Index (BMI), which is calculated based on their weight and height. Those who are dangerously thin will not be allowed to participate in the show.

Of course this has put the fashion industry in an uprorar. They can no longer take their stick-thin, airbrushed, unhealthy waifs and place them on a pedestal as the ideal images of beauty. Of course the fashion industry takes no responsibility for the rampant eating disorders among young women. Of course they try to place the blame on something or someone else.

Well, this time, they have failed. This is the first step in a necessary cultural shift, away from thinness at all costs, and towards real, natural and untainted beauty.

The company Dove has also initiated a campaign for real beauty. Their commercials and print ads feature normal, everyday women; some are overweight, some are within the normal range, but all have a beauty that only nature could give them. They are what should be the standard, not emaciated women who are not capable of lifting a small suitcase.

This is the direction our society needs to head, and it must start with the media. I truly hope that other countries will follow suit, and that a healthy standard will be mandated across the world. The fashion industry will not do this themselves. They need to be encouraged, and Spain got it right.

Absolute proof that this was the right thing to do, in my opinion, is the result of the QuickVote poll. The question was, "Do you agree that underweight models should be banned from fashion shows ?" The answer was overwhelmingly yes. By males and females alike.

That says it all.

Bravo to the country of Spain. Now, who is next ?


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