Monday, April 16, 2007

Yet Another Interesting Conversation

This is the third such conversation in the last week, and it has left me wondering what the hell is wrong with people lately.

This time, it was my sports therapy clinic. I have been visiting them regularly for various sports-related injuries over the past three years. My patronage has been quite lucrative for them, as I have paid roughly $700 a year above and beyond what my insurance would cover. I once joked that I had financed my chiropractor's vacation home in Hawaii. Even so, I was happy with the service I was given, and my poor, beaten body was thankful for the care.

The last time I visited, in January, the receptionist asked me to sign up for another $700 treatment plan. As my injuries had all pretty much healed, and none other were planned, I asked if I could simply pay for this visit in cash. To my surprise, she balked, insisting that I sign up for a treatment plan, or I would have to talk to the clinic owner. It was late, I had a throbbing headache, and resented the pressure. So I left my copay on the desk and walked out.

The next day, I cancelled my upcoming appointment, and let them know I would not be returning for some time.

In the past two weeks, I have experienced back pain that has consistently gotten worse. I don't remember any particular injury or hit, but an extraordinary amount of stress at work, coupled with 20+ hours of meetings in one week, took its toll on my body. I called the clinic to make an appointment for one visit, to realign my spine. I ended up talking to the owner.

He then spent the next 20 minutes trying to convince me to sign up for a treatment plan. I have always known this guy was an asshole, but I tolerated him because I liked my doctor. I had no intention of signing up for a treatment plan. Today was the final straw with him.

I reiterated to him over and over that I just wanted to come in for one freakin visit, and why couldn't I just come in for one adjustment and not have to sign up for a treatment plan. He said that my $20 copay would then be $40 because he "passes the savings onto me" by making me pay up front for several visits.

I told him I would check my company's benefits and get back to him. And then hung up the phone.

Do I come off as stupid ? This is now the third time in the past week that a service provider has insulted my intelligence with their self-serving garbage. My copay, according to my company, has gone up to $25 as of January, but certainly is not $40. That entire line the asshole clinic owner gave me was bull. He had pulled out all the stops to try to force me to sign up for a plan. But I didn't take the bait.

It scares me how many people are falling for his line of crap. He is certainly not getting my $700 treatment plan, or my padded $40 copay for that matter.

To hell with him. I'm taking my business elsewhere.

I guess my inner bitch will have to stick around for a while.


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