Sunday, June 10, 2007

Where's Mocha ?

The floor guy still is not finished. He completed the major work, but he still has to do some silicone sealing, and replace one baseboard. At least now we can clean up, and walk around without our shoes, but the continued delays are irritating to say the least.

Since there was no longer the constant racket of power saws, nail guns, hammers and the power generator, I decided to start letting the cats venture upstairs from their home in the laundry room. Timid at first, they'd sniff around, explore, then quickly run back to their sanctuary when even the smallest of noise would spook them. Mocha, the more adventurous of the two, trotted back upstairs yesterday for more investigation.

After a couple of hours, Danny noticed that he hadn't seen her in quite some time. This is unusual, as she is a very playful and energetic cat, and is always peeking around the corner, running around, or hanging out wherever her humans are. Not seeing her for more than 20 minutes is unheard of. We started searching for her.

"Mocha !" No answer. I started getting worried. Where was my cat ?

We searched everywhere. In every cupboard and drawer, as she is known to open as many of them as possible and hide in whichever one suits her fancy. In every box. Under every bed. No sign of her.

"Mocha !" I was starting to panic. Where was my cat ?

In the laundry room, I heard a faint meow. Mocha was in there ! I checked the washer, the dryer, behind all the appliances, in the boxes, and everywhere else. No Mocha.

"She has to be stuck somewhere," Danny mused. It was then that I figured it out.

The vents on the main floor were still uncovered. The covers had been placed somewhere by the floor guys, but we hadn't found them yet. And the vent hole was just big enough for a cheeky little Bengal kitty to fit through...

I asked Danny to get the ladder. If she'd gone down the vent from the main floor, she would have ended up in the space above the heating unit. He put up the ladder, removed the cover, and lo and behold, what did we see:

There was Mocha, dirty, a little traumatized, but uninjured from her ordeal.

Let me officially go on record to say that this cat is certifiably insane.


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