Saturday, September 06, 2008

Badge of Honor

At 16, Daniel has been seeking an activity that he can be passionate about; one that he can look forward to doing, that does not involve a cell phone, Internet access, or a video game console. When I invited him to the dojo where I now study Krav Maga, that passion within him was discovered.

Danny has always been a fan of the UFC, since before Daniel was born. Both kids have grown up with Dad watching the fights whenever they were broadcast on cable TV. After witnessing the supportive, teaching environment of the dojo, and participating in a strenuous workout himself, Daniel's interest was piqued. He and I signed up together, myself for Krav Maga, and he for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts. Danny and I encourage this greatly, as it is a healthy form of competition that is motivating him to eat healthier, exercise and take care of his body. It is a win-win all around.

Except when one gets hurt.

Having been in Martial Arts for 3+ years myself, I understand all too well the propensity for injury, especially when starting out. I suffered various mishaps myself during my years of training and sparring, and still do from time to time. Unfortunately, Daniel got his first taste of this on Thursday night in BJJ class.

He had a mount on his opponent, however with his legs incorrectly positioned. When his opponent broke out of the hold and reversed his position, Daniel's knee was awkwardly twisted. He immediately experienced a stabbing pain, necessitating an early end to his class experience.

Luckily, the doctor believes that it is only a sprain, and that it should resolve itself within a few days. In the meantime, Daniel has been outfitted with a brace and crutches to speed the healing process.

Although one never wishes to get hurt, I have always worn my injuries with sense of almost-pride, as proof that I play hard and am not afraid of the risks of my activities. I believe Daniel found it comforting when I told him "Hey, at least you got hurt doing BJJ, instead of something lame like falling down the stairs." All joking aside, Danny and I are very thankful that it was a minor sprain that will likely resolve itself within a few days.

I asked Daniel today, "How are you managing with the crutches ?"

He replied, "It's alright. I get a lot of attention when out in public and stuff."

"Oh really ? It sucks to be injured, but the attention is kind of cool isn't it ?"

"Yeah. But having my leg stretched out in this brace makes it really hard to take a crap."

"Yikes. Sorry to hear."


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