Monday, March 23, 2009

I Am Alive !

I survived my Yellow Belt promotion test for Krav Maga.

Yellow Belt is the second belt one can achieve. A newcomer is, by default, a White Belt. The next, rather small and insignificant level up, is Yellow.

So why, you may ask, am I declaring that I survived this test against all odds ? What possibly could be so ominous about a meager first-level test -- one that in my previous discipline of Seido Karate was a simple matter of a short written test and a one-hour skills demonstration ?

The Yellow Belt test for Krav was Six. Hours. Long.

You read that right. Six hours of intense physical activity, for the first of many levels to be achieved in this great art. A far cry from my rather simple promotion test in my previous discipline.

How did I survive this marathon event without collapsing, vomiting, or all of the above ? I have absolutely no clue. All I know is that I was grateful for the rest that was achieved while holding the pad for my partner to do her striking and kicking. Having one's brains rattled by a strong impact to a pad held against one's body is slightly less exhausting than inflicting that on another person's pad.

Jacqueline and I counted 17 bruises on my body on Saturday after this marathon session. There are actually fewer today, because some of the smaller ones have melded together into larger hematomas.

As morbid as it may seem, I am actually somewhat proud of them. They are hard-earned, and a reflection of my dedication to my training. I just wish my calves and back didn't hurt so damned much right now. Time to pop some more Advil.


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