Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Stanley Cup in San Jose !

Recently, I had the great fortune to bear witness to the most coveted trophy in all of hockey: the Stanley Cup. It was in San Jose as part of its rounds, and I had the good fortune to be in its most awesome presence.

Some cool facts about this fabled piece of hardware:
  • The Stanley Cup is the oldest professional sports trophy in North America.
  • A new Stanley Cup is not made each year; Cup winners keep it until a new champion is crowned.
  • The winning team's coaches, management and players are inscribed on the Cup.
  • There are several spelling mistakes on the Cup, many of which have never been corrected.
  • There is a full-time Guardian of the Cup, whose only job is to keep the Cup safe and free from damage. This person follows the Cup wherever it goes, ensuring its integrity and safety.
  • After winning the Cup, each member of the team gets to have it in their home for one day.
  • Several children have been baptized in the Cup.
  • Several people have eaten cereal out of the Cup.
  • One child even pooped in it (or so it's been said). And yes, the one that pooped came before the one that ate cereal out of it. Lovely !
Let's hope this chalice returns to this city, as a possession of the members of the San Jose Sharks. We shall see.

Oh, and I also met Sharkie ! He bit my head off. How cool is that ?


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