Thursday, August 06, 2009


As with any sport that involves fast-flying objects, there is always a risk of injury in softball. Especially since my preferred position is infield, and I play with guys who can scream a line drive whenever and wherever they wish. Last night's game was no exception to this.

We were out on the field, warming up for the game, when a new player for our team stepped in the box. He then proceeded to wail three straight hot ground balls in my direction. I handled them just fine, until the third one, looking quite routine, bounced close to the ground towards my positioned glove. Then, at the very last second, it took a funny hop, and walloped me right in the chest.

As many women will attest, this is not a comfortable experience. Certainly not to the level of a mid-section shot to a man, but still. My teammates all yelled "OW" in response to the impact. With the exception of my good friend AJ, who piped up, "Suck it up, Slink !"

So I did. And I have a nice big raspberry this morning to prove it.

But the worst part ? It happened in PRACTICE. I couldn't even say I took one for the team.

Oh well.

Given this incident, and the tendency of one particular female I tend to get partnered up with in Krav Maga -- who continually misses my abdomen and punches me in the boobs -- I think it's time for one of these.


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