Thursday, October 08, 2009

Catching Up

The recent reorg at my work has rendered me excruciatingly busy during the day, and without much energy to post on this blog. So, to get everyone caught up on my life in brief, here are some of the highlights. :)

  • My company has been telling us all year that we may not receive bonuses because of the terrible economy. We received the best surprise ever when we were told that yes, we were in fact receiving bonuses. And because my performance review was high, I was given a nice amount, enough to increase my savings to their pre-recession level. I am ecstatic, and very thankful for this unexpected gift from my employer.

  • I have been chosen to represent my company's IT department at a national conference for women engineers. I'm nervous as heck, but honored and humbled by the appointment.

  • Our softball team made it to the championships, and then lost in the final game by a score of 17-7. :(

  • I finally replaced the stupid piece of shit alarm system in my car that used to beep like crazy when there was a swaying tree 20 feet above it, and used to never turn off or on unless I was 1" away from the car with the remote to my chin. Good riddance.

  • Jacqueline turned 12 at the end of September. We had her party at our house, with a cute kitty theme. Pictures to follow !

  • Daniel has been off school all this week with a bad flu. We have been washing our hands often and treating his symptoms with rest and medication. The doctor's office thinks it might be H1N1, so nobody but family is allowed over at our house right now. I feel so bad for him. :(

That's all for now.. more later. :)


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