Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Work Fridge Fun

I was in the work refrigerator today, putting my brand-new apples in the drawer, when I smelled something funky. It was definitely fruit, but not fresh fruit. More like going-nasty fruit. I looked closer, into the back of the fridge, searching for the source of the stench.

There, wedged behind a spilled styrofoam container of bacon, unidentifiable meat and rice, was a bunch of grapes. All wilted, a few brown, some shriveled and black like raisins. No visible mold, but I'm sure that was coming. Gross.

My coworker, seeing my plight, took the offending semi-rotten fruit and put it in the trash bin. He and I both cleaned up the rice/meat mess. I mentioned that the fruit was gross, and that I was glad he touched it, because I didn't want to.

He said, "Are you kidding ? There are a few good grapes on that bunch !"

He then proceeded to take the bunch out of the trash, and eat two of the still-green, not-so-shriveled grapes.

"Tim !", I exclaimed, "That's nasty !"

"Yeah," he replied, "I guess I should wash them."

He then proceeded to run the bunch under some water, and continue eating.

I don't want my lunch anymore.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

their just raisins :P

October 20, 2006 at 8:43:00 AM PDT  

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