Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Power to the People

I must be honest when I say that I am supremely relieved that this election is over. Every day for the last two months, I have been inundated with TV commercials purporting and denouncing various measures, and politicians staging sparring wars - on every channel, every single day, when all I wanted to do was watch the news. I suppose I am lucky that I never received any of the prerecorded political phone calls that others have - presumably because I am not yet eligible to vote. Either way, this day could not have come sooner.

In the months preceding this election, gas prices took a conspicuous tumble. SUV-lovers had previously been whining and complaining to anyone who would listen about the effect that the prices were having on their bottom line, and yet, conveniently, the price at the pump steadily declined before voting day.

And now, one day after the election, they have started to rise again.

Wow. Do the government conspirators, and their oil company bed-buddies, really believe we are that stupid ? You would think they would keep prices low for a little longer, just to quell any suspicions about a deliberate manipulation in prices. But, they didn't. The very second the last vote was in, up went the prices.

They really don't have much confidence in our intelligence, do they ?

And if you think I believe that the handing down of Saddam Hussein's death sentence two days before the election was a coincidence as well, you're smoking something. I'm not one of the millions who still believe that Elvis is alive, thank you very much. I smell a rat. A big, stinky one at that.

The only consolation from this whole fiasco is that the Democrats won control of both houses of Congress. The People have spoken. They're pissed off. They need a new strategy and a new direction. Hopefully, now, they will have it.

In two years, W's term will be up.

In two years, I'll likely have my citizenship, and will be able to cast my own vote.

That day could not come soon enough.


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