Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Indian Red Box

Our company is in the midst of an ISO audit. What this means is that we must clean up our labs, set equipment up properly in racks, remove all food and drink containers, fill in entries on the static discharge log, and ensure we follow all the rules of safe and compliant lab maintenance.

Then go back to our normal slobbiness the day after.

My coworker Nandini brought in a red tin of cookies some time back, and after we all had raided the yumminess inside, she kept the tin for cable storage. Our project manager, Kev, saw the shiny red box, and assumed that it contained something edible. He sent this email to Nandini:

"Can you please remove the Indian red box from the lab shelf ?"

Nandini was furious. Why did Kev call it an Indian red box ? "It's not even Indian," she screeched. The cookies are European, Belgian to be exact. Why did Kev call the box Indian ? "Because I'm Indian, that's why. And that pisses me off ! I'm not moving it. If he's so concerned about it, he can open it up and see what's inside for himself !" She was absolutely livid at the apparent racial delineation of her red tin of cookies. It only made her more determined to rebel against the project manager's request.

Listening to her rant, I came up with a diabolical plan. This was something that I just could not resist, even at the cost of my own life and limb.

When Nandini left the lab for her lunch, I peeked around the corner to be sure the coast was clear. I then approached the offending box, and did the following:

Then ran for dear life !

Luckily, I was absent for the fire and brimstone that resulted. :)


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