Friday, November 16, 2007

Weddings and Fun

This past weekend was spent in glorious South Lake Tahoe, attending the most awesome wedding of our good friends AJ and Sherry. Their wedding was wonderful, for the simple reason that they did exactly what they wanted to do, and what suited their personalities and preferences. They decided against the pressure and hassle of planning a huge and formal event; choosing instead to have an intimate gathering in a beautiful vacation town 3.5 hours from home.

The invitations stated "Extreme Casual Attire", with which we were more than happy to comply. They said their vows wearing the clothes that they were most comfortable in, surrounded by people they loved, and followed by the most excellent steak dinner and cake.

The best wedding, whether fancy or casual, is the one in which the bride and groom do what makes them happy first and foremost. Making family happy is important, but not overriding.

The remainder of the weekend was filled with fun activities. We populated the Paigow Poker tables Friday night, with Danny and I alone carting off over $200 in winnings, and AJ and Sherry doing similarly well. And the morning of the wedding, Danny and I took a little adventure in the backcountry desert, courtesy of this very cool ATV Buggy.

Although it may look clunky, this machine was anything but. We sped through the straight-aways, fishtailed the corners and handled the bumpy, hilly desert trail ride with ease. The dust was ridiculous, permeating our masks and goggles with fierce conviction, but this inconvenience was well worth the sheer adrenaline rush we experienced on this zippy machine. It is something I highly recommend, and something we definitely will do again in the future.

We were lucky we left ourselves plenty of time to clean up after the ride and before the wedding. Washing the dust off ourselves (and out of my hair) was no easy feat.

We ended up having to buy eye drops to take the remaining dust particles out of Danny's eyes. All discomfort aside, it was the ride of a lifetime.


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