Saturday, June 07, 2008

Dick's Laugh Resort

As is quickly becoming our custom, we booked our Vegas stay at the Excalibur, a nice yet inexpensive hotel/casino located directly on the strip. When I discovered that they had opened a Dick's Last Resort restaurant on the premises, I knew we just had to go.

The establishment prides itself on its sarcasm and its intentionally crabby waitstaff. They supplied us with one less place setting than we needed, and left us to taste the sodas to figure out which ones were diet and which ones were not. And when asked for a menu, we were given the following:

The greatest entertainment, of course, was the waitstaff and barstaff. Our server instantly took a liking to our friend Frank, and as such, had her (mock) jealousy directed at his wife Sandra. Something to the effect of "Hi. Your name is now Bitch. Hey Bitch." To solidify her contempt for the competition, she made a hat for Sandra with a very welcoming message on it:

And when Sandra asked this wonderful server lady to pose for a picture with Frank, she pulled out his chair and did the following:

Alrighty then ! A perfect way to start off a meal !

The bartender was an interesting character, as one of his favorite passtimes was to uncap beer bottles and attempt to fling them at us in the process. I got the last laugh, however: When it came time for us to leave, I picked up one of the offending bottle caps and threw it at him, hitting him square in the chest.

Good times, good times.


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