Friday, October 10, 2008

Rough Night... Rough Week

The night from hell has turned into the week from hell.

Attempting to solve multiple issues with an untested technology forced into our network by an overzealous product group, while simultaneously paying attention in class, proved not to be very effective in either endeavor. What started off as a simple hardware swap turned into several extra hours per day, troubleshooting, debugging and discussing with others on how to proceed.

Thankfully, all issues were resolved yesterday, coinciding with the product group's deadline. As the class had wrapped up early, I went into the office for a few hours to work on email, then headed out shortly after 5pm for the journey home.

I was actually in a pretty good mood. The problems of the week were supposedly behind me, the training class was over, and I was ready; ready to go home, to make a kickass dinner, then to relax with Danny and some HD sports.

Until I looked at my car.

It had a FLAT. TIRE.

After all the shit I had endured this week, with pressing deadlines, pushy project managers, failing hardware and a demanding training course, Fate just had to rub salt in the wound by flattening my rear tire, thereby preventing me from going home in a timely manner.


I called Danny up, told him the news, and promptly busted out laughing. What else can ya do ? It was either that, or cry.

I am taking tomorrow afternoon off. Awesome Boss has already approved it.

I am so done with this week.


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