Tuesday, December 21, 2004

There is something inherently wrong with this.

A few days ago, my father, decidedly in the Christmas spirit, brought home a beautiful nativity scene, complete with Mary and Joseph, baby Jesus, the manger, and associated accessories. With great care, he lovingly set it up on the end table in the family room for all our guests to admire.

Unfortunately, my mother was rather put out that the phone was no longer on the end table. To her, the placement of the telephone is crucial to the utility of the room. As a result, she decided to relocate the nativity scene.

To the fireplace.

Yes, Joseph and Mary with their arms outstretched over baby Jesus in a manger - in the fireplace. Not in front of the fireplace, *IN* the fireplace.

And the kicker ?

Baby Jesus still has the plastic bag wrapped around him. At this very moment, he is suffocating, wrapped in a plastic bag, while sitting in a fireplace with his parents, three wise men and a camel.

Is there no justice in this world ?



I posted this story to a message board I frequent, and I just have to repost the comment from one of the participants named "teach2learn". She remarked:

Let's see...god gives Mom free will to choose the right path, and she chooses the *telephone* over *Baby Jesus.*

Not for nuthin,' but methinks the fireplace may be an apt metaphor for her Eternal Future.

[From me: HAHAHA !!!]

Saturday, December 04, 2004

Dream Car

The 1987 Buick Grand National is a classic car that used to be known only by the hardcore American muscle car buffs. With an automatic transmission and V6 engine, it was the fastest production car of its year, gleefully mopping up the floor with the same-aged Corvette.

Scott's GN is a special breed; one of very few with low mileage and close-to-mint condition.

As we were meticulously progressing with a photo shoot, Peaches decided she wanted in on the action as well.

Awwwww... they're friends now ! :)
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