Saturday, February 16, 2008

Dream Come True

Our romantic evening, the day after Valentine's Day, was one I will never forget as long as I live.

Sure, the restaurant lost the reservation I had made earlier in the day. However, they seated us immediately, and we were treated to a wonderful, delicious meal with an animated chef performing cool tricks, including a blazing fire from a stack of onions.

It was well worth the frustration of the day before, and undoubtedly a memorable experience. But not as much as afterward, when we arrived at our home.

In the past, I'd never understood why women cried when their suitors asked them for their hand in marriage. I'd see it all the time, on TV, in real-life, and I was simply dumbfounded. Why do they cry ? The concept was foreign to me.

I never understood it, until yesterday, when the tears flowed freely from my eyes; rendered speechless by the wave of emotions that overcome me.

When that special person, with whom you connect on the deepest of levels in all ways possible, asks for your hand in marriage, the tears are a natural, human response to the most emotional moment of your life. The tears are those of joy, from deep within, that can hardly be explained or rationalized, only felt in one's own heart.

I never understood this phenomenon before.

Now, I do.

Friday, February 15, 2008

A Romantic Evening with Mr. Carl Jr.

It was all planned out.

I was to leave work on time, having been instructed by Danny NOT to work late as I have been at my new job for the last two weeks. We were to head off to a wonderful Japanese restaurant in the area - one that has the chefs cooking the food in front of you, flipping utensils and putting on a show - for our 7:00 reservations. It was to be an excellent night of good food and a fun show, with the man of my dreams, on Valentine's Day.

It didn't exactly turn out that way.

Upon our arrival at the restaurant - 10 minutes early for the record - we quickly discover that the place is a madhouse, and that there is a huge, unmoving line just to check in at the desk. No problem, we thought, we have reservations. We shouldn't have to wait too long.

Little did we know.

7:05: We are finally checked in. We grab a drink from the bar, sit down, and watch the basketball game. (Aside: What kind of lame-ass restaurant has satellite TV, but does not carry the FOX channel, which is one of the only channels that broadcasts the Sharks games ? Ridiculous. )

7:30: We are getting hungry. Really hungry. We'd both begged off our afternoon snack to be sure we had room for the most excellent food that this place was famous for. Our reservations were for 7, and we are still waiting. Danny goes to check, and the only answer he is given is "I don't know."

7:40: I have a massive headache, and my hands are shaking. I pop an Advil. Danny wants Advil too, but can't take it on an empty stomach. We start to scowl. This is getting annoying.

7:50: We are downright pissed. Danny has to work at 5am, and we still haven't even been seated, let alone been served our food. We try to distract ourselves with basketball. It isn't working.

8:00: We give up and leave.

From the parking lot, I call Daniel.

Me: Hey Daniel. We waited an hour after our reservation and still weren't seated. We're going through the Carls Jr. drive-through across the street from here. Want anything ?

Daniel (laughing hysterically, choking and gasping for air): Sure. A Number 1, large, plain with cheese.

That's right. We went through the Carls Jr. drive-through, and had burgers and fries, at home, for Valentine's Day.

It's the thought that counts, right ?

All we could do was laugh about it and shake our heads. What is most important is the partnership, the relationship, and the emotions behind the gifts, flowers, candy, etc. Where we ate, or what we ate, was trivial.

Valentine's Day dinner, from now on, will be on February 13th or the 15th. We are never setting ourselves up for this disaster, ever again.

We are trying one more time, tonight, to watch the show and eat Japanese food.

This is the one and only chance this restaurant will have to redeem itself. If we have to wait even 20 minutes, we are done with this place for good.

Wish us luck.
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