Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The Happy Pill... For a Cat

Ever since our move to the new house, everyone involved has had to make adjustments, including the cats. A move alone is traumatic enough for most cats, however in this case, they had to adjust to having more people in the house, more noise, and a completely different routine. Unfortunately Mocha has been having some trouble.

The move was nothing short of devastating for both animals. Not only were they suddenly whisked into a new environment, they were subjected to constant hammering, sawing and upgrade work for a good two weeks afterwards. Keeping them at the apartment during this time was not an option, so they stayed sequestered in the laundry room, enduring day upon day of crashing and banging and strange people trampling through the house. It is no secret that this would be tough on any animal, especially cats.

Peaches has finally adjusted quite well. She often comes upstairs, socializes and sits with us when we are home. Although she still becomes spooked easily, she has well acclimated to the new house, and guards her territory with vigor. Mocha, on the other hand, has not been so lucky.

She is scared shitless of Danny. Two unfortunate accidents - one involving a feather toy, and the other involving a piece of a cabinet he was building - have paralyzed her with fear every time he is around. It's impossible to explain to a cat that you didn't mean to hurt her and that it was an unfortunate accident. She is petrified, and runs quickly away anytime he is near.

Unfortunately, because of the move, her fear has reached epic proportions, resulting in her peeing (and sometimes pooping) on the floor in fear. All Danny had to do was to walk towards wherever he was going, and she would pee in terror and run away. It was a heartbreaking situation for all, especially for whoever had to clean up the mess. I called my wonderful, awesome vet and asked for advice.

She discussed some behavioral tips, such as Danny giving them their treats at night, and medication to help with the anxiety. Her prescription ?


That's right, they make Prozac for cats. And my little Mocha is a perfect candidate.

I've always said that Mocha is crazy. You can see the evidence here, here, here and here. But now, with this diagnosis and prescription, that fact has been undeniably confirmed.

My cat is taking the happy pill.

And it's working.


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