Friday, April 01, 2005

April Fool's

The first of April is a day for jokes, pranks and little tricks to make others laugh. There is no place for meanness or malice; only for genuine, light-hearted fun. This was foremost in my mind this morning when I approached Garry's cubicle with three half-used rolls of toilet paper and a tape dispenser.

Why Garry ? Because he has a good sense of humor. And because I wanted to give him just a little payback for busting my butt with this project we're working on. Hence, his cube was the decided target.

I had just finished wrapping his monitor, chair and laptop docking station, and was starting on his keyboard, when he and our other Andrea caught me red-handed.

Busted !!

So what do we do now, after we've giggled amongst ourselves and taken pictures of the handiwork ? Wrap up all the toilet paper and reuse it again on someone else's cube. But whose ?

Today, the chosen one was Ming. With top speed and supreme efficiency, the three of us decked out his cubicle, and the very nice plant outside of it, using the full compliment of paper available to us. Andrea spent an inordinate amount of time ensuring that the TP border on Ming's monitor was perfectly straight, before adding the cross-hatches. Garry's decorative touch was the obliteration of the top half of the cubicle entrance. When finished, it was truly a work of art.

Ming, the great sport that he is, ducked under the artificial door, gently ripped off the toilet paper from his monitor and keyboard, sat on his covered chair, and began working.

When I left today, most of it was still in place. :)

Happy April Fool's everyone !! Please feel free to share your favorite pranks in the Comments link below.


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