Thursday, March 20, 2008

Public Service Announcement

If you have your work badge attached to one of those cheap badge-holders with the retractable string, it's really not a good idea to see how far and fast you can flick the thing in the air and watch it snap back toward your belt.

Especially when such action results in your badge flying 20 feet in the air and landing on top of the ductwork in a massive, high-ceiling data center.

Good job, coworker Peter ! Hats off to you for breaking the big air record for a work badge attached to a flimsy, breakable string.

He looked so humble, doing the walk of shame through the building and up front to the Security desk, to ask for a tall ladder to retrieve the precious flying badge.

The company doesn't supply free badge holders. We have to pay for them ourselves.

I think this is why.


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