Sunday, February 13, 2005


Being born and raised in Toronto, Canada, it has always been impossible - by golly, unthinkable - to be able to walk outside in short sleeves, amidst blooming flowers and chirping birds, in the middle of February.

Toronto is still in the tenacious grip of a bitterly cold winter with no end in sight. Undoubtedly its residents are completely fed up with the unrelenting sleet and snow, howling wind and sub-freezing temperatures. Though it is not my practice to gloat, I could not resist sending the following email last week to my wonderful family living in that great city of my origin:

It is currently 18C [65F] and super-sunny in San Jose. 10-day forecast is all partly cloudy, no rain, highs between 12C [54F] and 17C [63F]. People are already starting to mention spring.

Walked to a medical call today, 3 buildings away, in a t-shirt without a jacket. Didn't need it.


This was my mom's response:

Bite me!!

sending you a package today,

Love Mom

HAHA ! My mom rocks. Here's a picture of our beautiful February flower, currently blossoming in our front yard.

Oh yeah, and I got a bit of a sunburn yesterday when we were driving to San Francisco with the sunroof open. Life is tough, isn't it ? :)


Blogger Julie said...

You are such a bitch (at least, that would be what my mom would have called you if you had sent her that email). LOL It's freaking snowing her girl! Snowing!

That's ok - I'm leaving for my cruise a week from tomorrow!


February 17, 2005 at 2:29:00 PM PST  

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