Monday, March 26, 2007

Grass is Nasty

This weekend's adventure was a trip to the Jelly Belly factory in nearby Fairfield. The free tour took Danny, Jacqueline, myself and other tourists, with paper hats on our heads, through the factory to view the machinery and massive production floor. Strategically-placed television screens played DVDs explaining the history of the Jelly Belly jelly beans, and showed various portions of the production floor in action. We were even serenaded by a musical dance from four large robotic arms, moving in sync and waving at the crowd of delighted attendees. It was definitely worth the trip for all of us.

After the tour, we perused the gift shop, populated with various novelty items and clothing. One corner featured the gag Harry Potter bean flavors, such as earwax, vomit, grass and dirt. And in the other corner of the store, the tasting bar offered free samples of the various flavors of jelly beans, chocolates and gummy candies made by this massive factory.

Jacqueline, of course, parked herself at the sampling bar, and tasted a large variety of flavors. On one of her many trips, the young gentleman behind the counter handed her a green bean, and said,

"Give this to your mom. Tell her it is the Margarita flavor."

And when she came running up to me, big smile on her face, I had no reason to doubt her intentions. I popped the free bean in my mouth and began chewing.

It was nasty. This bean tasted nothing like a margarita. I tried to put on a brave face and thank her for her generous and kind gift, but my expression could barely hide my disgust. It was nothing short of gross.

Later, I found out the truth.

The young man behind the counter had given me grass ! That's right, the grass flavored jelly bean had been handed to me under the pretense of being a margarita.

I had been duped.

I'm sure many other adults in that store have been, as well.

A real Margarita-flavored bean cleansed my palette just perfectly. That, and a shared laugh with the young man who took pleasure in my torturing, and all was right in my world again.


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