Monday, March 12, 2007

This Is The Life

As is custom in the San Francisco Bay Area, winter has changed instantaneously to summer.

There is never any spring or fall - it is simply rainy-cool or sunny-warm. There is no in-between. And this weekend, the latter arrived in all its glory.

I didn't even think to bring sunscreen or water bottles to the flea market. As the day wore on, the sun became even more powerful, necessitating multiple drink purchases. Jacqueline was feeling the effects of dehydration. My shoulders were burnt. And the place was becoming unmanageably crowded. Purchases in hand, we made the wise decision to leave around 1:00pm.

My shoulders are still red from the blazing, beautiful sun.

This morning, I lowered the fully-automatic convertible top on my car, and drove to work with my hair blowing in the breeze for the very first time. The cherry trees were showing off their stunningly beautiful blossoms. The scent of pollen was in the air. And I, hair tie in place, was taking it all in on the expressway on the way to work.

This is the life.

In previous years, I was in Toronto, notorious for its brutally cold winters that climax to their most unbearable in the month of February. This particular year has been especially tough for my family, and others who call that region home.

If I were still living there, I would now be cursing the elements, and hiding in the heated areas just waiting for spring to arrive.

But instead, I am driving to work with the convertible top down, with blooming flowers and chirping birds in my view.

This is the life.

I wouldn't trade it for the world.


Anonymous chris said...

why not take some photos and show us, right now its freezing in the UK, so any photos of nice weather would be great!

also, great to meet a fellow techie, being a programmer, never reallly got that sys-admin stuff, essential though.

i did hear a friend say it is the best industry to be in as you have no work unless somthing goes wrong (or you have to do maintance, upgrades etc).

February 18, 2009 at 3:33:00 AM PST  

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