Thursday, March 08, 2007


The tones went off on our radios earlier today for a fire alarm at a building on the other side of campus. I know this building well; I spent 3+ years working there.

The problem ? The parking lot is huge, there are always cars driving through, and now, there were 300+ people outside on all corners of the building. Time is of the essence to establish traffic blocks to prevent cars from running people over. The last thing we need is bodies flying all over the parking lot in addition to the fire alarm and arriving big red trucks with ladders.

My fellow ERT lead knew this scenario well, and as such, jumped on his motorcyle and sped off to the scene.

On the way, the left turn light had just changed to red. And this was a looooooooong light.

He looked to his left, looked to his right, looked ahead.. then made an informed decision to run the red light.

He didn't look behind him.

At the cop, who saw the entire transgression.

Nice job.

After the event was over, he showed me the ticket. Not only did he receive a citation for the red light, he also was reprimanded for forgetting his wallet - driver's license inside - in the meeting room he rushed out of when the tones went off.

At least the cop let him go in enough time to control some traffic at the affected building. And nobody was run over by speeding cars, ERT-driven or otherwise.

Next time, Eric, look behind you !


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