Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Big Pimpin'

When I booked the rental car for this trip, I indicated my preference for a mid-sized vehicle. Usually this means I am given a Chevrolet Alero or something similar. Larger than a tin can, and just enough style that I blend in with the rest of the population. Foolproof plan, right ?

Not exactly.

The rental car company was out of mid-sized vehicles. So instead, they "upgraded" me.

To a silver Ford Taurus.


Yes, this week I am rolling in this Ford Taurus station wagon, now affectionately referred to as the PimpMobile. As Jay-Z put it so eloquently, I am "Big Pimpin', spendin Gs !!!!"
(Audio: Windows Media/Lyrics) [Warning: Bad language]

I feel just so... sexy. NOT !

However, I must admit that this uncool suburban mom-mobile did come in handy when it came time to transport the lovely gifts that our family and friends so generously gave to my sister in honor of her bridal shower. I was able to fit over half the stash in this rolling love shack, easing the burden on my other relatives. Not bad for a last-minute vehicular substitution.

Although my sister's bridal shower was much like every other shower, complete with a very long meal, silly games, and a seemingly unending table of irresistable homemade cookies, I must give credit to the antics of one particularly flamboyant family friend, Filomena. Her sense of humor fits in just perfectly with my outgoing Italian family, which is why she is a dear friend to the older generation.

One of the pre-lunch games was a quiz sheet we passed out to all the attendees, with some questions about the bride and groom-to-be. Although Filomena did not know many of the answers, she made her sentiments very clear in her submission for marking consideration:


Yes, the meal was served very shortly after this game concluded. :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

ya i saw the shagon wagon today. damn its hot!
was good to see you today slinky!

April 13, 2005 at 4:25:00 PM PDT  

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